Hello fellas!

Today I would like to write about my favorite dessert recipe, PUDDİNG! I swear this is the easiest dessert to do when you’re craving something sweet, trust me!


  •    1 liter warm milk
  •    1 cup of granulated sugar
  •    3 table spoon of(tbsp) cocoa
  •    2 table spoon of(tbsp) all purpose flour
  •    2 table spoon of(tbsp) starch (it can be corn or wheat starch)
  •    1\2 table spoon of(tbsp) vanilla extract (optional)
  •    2 table spoon of(tbsp) butter (margarine can also be used)
  1.  First in a suitable saucepan, take the other ingredients except vanilla extract and butter.
  2.  Start cooking on medium heat, stirring constantly with the help of a whisk.
  3.  When  it starts to thicken , cook it for a few minutes.
  4.  Add vanilla extract and butter into the puding you took from the fire and beat it for a few minutes with a mixer.


Here is your perfect dessert in just 4 steps, you can let it chill in the refrigerator and serve it with cherries on top. Bon Apetit!

Thanks  for trying my dessert recipe, I hope you’ll enjoy it see you soon bye!


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